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Live life to the fullest, increase your personal power:

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You can ask questions during the webinar. 

Webinars are also energy treatments because of healing, supporting energy in guided meditational exercises during the webinar. Also because of channeling of the Source/God/universal/divine information webinar is deeply energized, healing and will expand your consciousness.  


Why webinars?

Webinars are workshops or seminars that are held online, they offer many advantages:

– You can participate from the comfort of your home

– You have privacy; you only see me on the screen and you can attend a webinar from your own bed if you’d like

– You write questions and comments through chat, you have direct communication with me and, if you like, with other participants

– You can participate through mobile phones, tablets or your computer

– Webinar includes just over one and a half hour of personal growth through answers to your questions, and providing unique link between you and the universal intelligence. Last 15 minutes of every webinar we are always doing a meditation for the transformation of consciousness. My webinars are also an energy treatments that serves to change beliefs, cleansing, healing and raising vibration!

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Anita Žugec, Lanište 1f, Zagreb
IBAN: HR 0523400093102883087 (Privredna banka Zagreb)
Poziv na broj je 3102883087

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