All of my work does not have an in advance prepared concept. My work is completely intuitive, guided by an universal consciousness.

The accent is on your wellbeing, for your greater good. You set the topics, you ask the questions, you describe what you wish to change, what are you confused about or what you do not understand. You get your answers immediately. It includes explanations with practical real life situations.

It is important that after the seminar you leave with an expanded consciousness, new knowledge, feeling renewed, in a good mood and high vibration.

You will learn :

●     how to focus, how to manage your thoughts,

●     how to influence your emotions,

●     what are emotions,

●     what is intuition and how you are led by your intuition,

●     how to hear your intuition and have the courage to follow it,

●     How to love yourself, respect yourself and appreciate yourself as a divine being.

Life is a perception, a mirror that, according to karma / the law of attraction, responds to your vibration.

Your unconscious or subconscious beliefs, in the form of habitual thoughts and focus, are forming your reality.


   Zadar, 18th March 2018

    Osijek, 24th March 2018

   Split, 14th April 2018

         Zagreb, 16th May 2018

Belgrade, 21st October 2018

Book your place at a webinar via email:

In the online workshops / webinars I answer your questions, you expand your consciousness and start manifesting desired outcomes. Through me, you have been able to communicate with the universal consciousness, meditate with conscious transformation, receive new healing energy, feel renewed, full of energy and motivated.

Webinars provide the possibility of using the benefits of modern age to organise online workshops and seminars.

Not all of you live in Zagreb. This allows us to work together. Even though you are far away the webinars allow us to become connected!

Before and during the webinar you can ask questions and you can always suggest the topics.

Webinar usually lasts about 1,5 h. The final 20 minutes are used for energy filled meditation for transformation of consciousness. This webinar is simultaneously an energy healing treatment that will change your beliefs, help in healing you, and to elevate your vibration!

Why webinars?

Webinars are workshops, that is seminars, that are held via internet. The advantages of a webinar are:

●     You can participate from the comfort of your own home

●     You do not waste time on travel

●     You have your privacy – no one can hear you nor see you

●     You can ask questions and comment in the chat – you chose if the question/comment is visible only to me or to other participants

●     The app you use for participation is user friendly