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The course is held ON-LINE, which means that you can participate in the course from any part of the world via your mobile phone, computer, tablet. The course focuses on personal growth and spiritual awakening. The motivation for the course enrollment can be: your personal progress, healing at all levels, change of consciousness and subconscious, change of beliefs, transformation, awareness, development of intuition, creation and work with energy and the energy healing.

The course is held in 9 meetings, Wednesdays from 5 to 9:15 p.m., every other Wednesday.

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The personal growth course is held ON-LINE and includes:

  • 45 school hours of lectures and exercises,
  • 42 school hours of education and exercises through webinars and workshops
  • individual treatment by arrangement exclusively with this course



course GOALS

The course focus is on the personal growth of the individual and the group. The primary motive for the course is your personal progress, healing at all levels, change of consciousness and subconscious, change of beliefs, transformation and awareness. In the Course you will learn to use energy to heal yourself and the environment. You will learn methods on how to help yourself, how to create, how to separate from the unwanted, how to focus on what you want, manage focus, be present and aware in challenging situations. With my guidance and support you will purifiy yourself, let go, forgive what burdens you and what keeps you in the karmic circle. You will gain more personal power, more self-confidence and confidence in yourself and life. You will learn to use your intuition, intention, and connect with the Universal Divine Consciousness and your soul. You will learn how to take the right action at the right time with the right vibration. Your personality will change, you will be healed on an emotional, mental, physical, energetic and spiritual level.

DURATIon, SCHEDULE and registration

The 14th season of the course begins:
mid-January – 01/2021

Duration of the Course of personal growth, energy healing and creation:

5 months
85 school hours
The course includes:

48 school hours of lectures and exercises,
37 school hours of education and exercises through webinars / workshops
individual treatment by arrangement, exclusively with this course, is paid separately at a discounted price and is not a mandatory and integral part of this course
The course is held in 9 meetings on Wednesdays from 5 to 9:15 pm every other Wednesday.


PRICE AND payment methods

The price of the Personal Growth, Energy Healing and Creation Course is  1.000 EUR

We accept Payments through PayPal or Direct bank transfer.
It is possible to pay in installments by arrangement with direct bank transfer.
The price of the course includes all webinars that will be held during the course.

The course of personal growth, energy healing and creation begins at the end of January, every other Wednesday at 5 pm online, through a program that enables online conferences, meetings, workshops. You can participate via mobile phone, laptop or tablet. All course participants see and talk to each other in the virtual classroom. There is a strong connection and support in the group.


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