because of the many obligations, I am no longer able to work individual sessions, but may recommend to you two colleagues who were also my students: Zora Tomić and Nikolina Štanfel. 

They are highly intuitive, conscious, experienced and have deep love for working with people and helping them with their healing. 

If you are attracted by this suggestion, in your best interest they are offering you: 


You can connect with them and schedule your free call.

 With love,

Anita Žugec

Zora Tomić

Contact e-mail:


About Zora Tomic:

I graduated psychology and gained valuable experience in working with children and parents. With that, and with going through my personal journey, I realised how important alternative methods are to help people heal. Life brought me to Anita and to her Course of karmic diagnostic and intuitive energy work. I enjoy working with people, helping them release anything that doesn’t serve them and helping them discover their true self.

Nikolina Štanfel

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About Nikolina Stanfel:

I finished astrology school for natal chart interpretation and Anita’s Course of intuitive energy work. I have always enjoyed working with people but in last couple of years I realised that helping them and healing them is my soul’s true desire. I no longer practice astrology because I realised that Source is giving us best information for our highest good when we want to hear them and when we need them most. Following my soul wishes I realised that helping people get in touch with their soul and deepest part of themselves will help them live lives full of joy and inspiration. For this I have created Facebook page Light of Your Soul where you can also contact me for individual sessions.