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Ante Butigan
I recommend Anita's angelic energy to everyone in any life situations. Miracle worker. What I have personally received from Anita in moments of greatest need cannot stand in one comment 😉 Much love <3
Katarina Petrović
Working with Anita... it's not work, it's fun and a surrendering ... It is like we have some invisible leadership. She gave me some information that shook me a lot but I needed to be aware of them although they were painful. Only when i noticed it I could fix it.She helped me to breathe for the first time in my life and I'm happy for results that I am surely going to achieve!Whether my soul recognized her soul or something else, but Anita became indescribably dear and close to me and I have no words to describe it. If you feel that you deserve and that you can live better lives and realities in relation to the reality in which you are now, I recommend you to work with her. Enjoy!
Dear Anita, all praise from the heart for your work and effort! I myself had with you individual treatment on distance and I am very happy with the result. Your wonderful soul, full of support and understanding gave me strength, will and courage for my further growth and development. You have helped me to turn over a new leaf in my life and I am endlessly grateful!
Dragana Bedenik
Everyone has the opportunity to change themselves and to be happy, to feel the peace and ease of their life. When you get lost in the whirlpool of life and when you do not know where the exit is, people like Anita are a gift from heaven. Help, support, empathy and warmth that she offers give you courage and faith in the better future, and then that future became reality. Thank you for everything!
Metka Oroš
Beautiful Anita, beautiful energy, beautiful lightness, really something different, something extraordinary. Thanks dear Anita.
Sofija Poljančić
The Anita’s course is a wonderful experience of connecting with the Source, with our soul for our highest good.Thank you, Anita for advices and understanding and your help in my personal growth. You opened me new life perspectives, and thank you for beauty of living I felt during the course. I recommend it to all from my heart!
Sanja Štajduhar
Anita teaches with ease and easily connects you with your intuition. When you go on journey with Anita, you want it to last forever.
Radmila Mitić
I do not have the words to describe the significance that Anita's course had for me. Anita explains so simply the methods and ways to enhance the way of life and also how to work with energy of Source.She reminded us that we are very powerful beings. I am grateful and fortunate that I had the chance to participate on this course! My biggest recommendations!
Zsuzsy Hajdu
Anita is a woman of wisdom, a woman who unselfishly shares her knowledge. She is a woman that hides nothing for just her. The course is a practical part of spirituality... where our theoretical knowledge can be finally implemented in our everyday life. The doors have been opened to us, we got the keys "for ourselves" ... With no mystification, our lives have been changed for better with full support ... and our third eye is definitely opening for our highest good.
Melinda Grubišić Reiter
This course is the best birthday present I've ever gave to myself. Fortunately, I did not have any expectations and I just accepted everything that came and I got so much that it is impossible to describe it.First, I was able to feel unconditional love and it was a fantastic experience, indescribable happiness, joy and warmth. Then I experienced connection with the Source/God, the Universe and I wished it never to cease: that moment/that feeling is priceless treasure and nothing in this world can replace it! In the end I learned how to really create what I want, to have a good feeling about something in the future, to feel like it was already there and because of that it finally came true. Besides, I met wonderful souls and I connected with them, we are now great support for each other and we selflessly help and comfort one another in all difficult moments. The real joy is that we have decided to stay in touch and practice with each other so that we can progress more easily on our spiritual path.I am grateful to Anita for all techniques that she showed us, the knowledge she unselfishly conveys, the gentleness, the love and the attention she has had for us all the time of the course.I would certainly recommend it to everyone.
"Connecting People with the Universal Source Of Energy and Information and seeing outstanding results of that connection gives me the greatest joy.
Being able to witness their personal transformation into healthy free powerful Creators is a privilege of my calling."

Anita Žugec, spiritual teacher and healer
Anita Zugec, spiritual healer and teacher will connect you to higher knowledge, healing energy, high vibrations and will channel the answers to all your questions. Anita is teaching that every person is a divine being with intuition that serves you as a guide. Anitas work involves teaching how to use your life energy, focus, thoughts and emotions for your very best, your highest good. How to, in a most efficient way, change your harmful beliefs, transform your life and heal yourself. How to manage your thoughts, vibration and create reality you want. Teaches how to achieve ease of living. For several years Anita is teaching and healing people in Balkan region, having courses of intuitive energy healing, personal growth and intuition development. Trough seminars and webinars she is helping people to significantly change their life and heal their mind, body and emotions. She has truly remarkable results but until recently she worked on Croatian language. Her entire work, webinars and seminars are completely spontaneous full of channeled healing energy and information contains guided meditative exercise that you can practice later on. It will benefit you in many ways, more than you can think of. Anita is a mother, a wife, born in 1980., worked as a finance manager with colledge degree and ten year back started to seriously research her born gift: channeling and energy healing.

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